Our Finix Capital Academy

Finix Capital academy is a comprehensive center focused
on spreading knowledge of financial markets while disciplining trading skills to improve client returns.


Finix Capital regularly presents webinars aimed at improving our traders’ investing skills. Our webinars regularly feature professional traders and financial experts in live, interactive sessions.


We host live seminars across the world to expand our global reach and investment coverage. Join our global experts in a hands-on, one of a kind learning experience.

Trade Expos

Finix Capital attends trade expos all over the world, giving our clients a chance to directly interact with our team of experts. Join us in person and receive expert financial solutions about market trends while learning about new developments in finance.

Training videos

A library of carefully and specifically curated high-quality videos on a wide array of topics related to trading strategies and building a deeper understanding of larger market trends.

Trader’s Handbook

An interactive ebook designed to be a guide and portal for traders of all backgrounds and experience levels. Our eBook provides valuable information and guidance for an unparalleled experience investing in financial markets

Investing Encyclopedia

An expansive compendium of basic investing knowledge and terminology designed to help investors of all levels master the field of global investing across products and asset classes.